Love evolution


Darwin Day (Feb 12th) is an international celebration of the famous biologist Charles Darwin, and it provides an excellent opportunity for the popularisation of evolutionary biology, and science as a whole.

After two successful editions, Darwin is back at the museum this year. We are a group of young researchers from Swedish universities from both Stockholm and Uppsala, who present current topics on evolutionary research in the Natural History Museum (Naturhistoriska riksmuseet) in Stockholm.

The event will take place on the weekend after Darwin Day (29th February and 1st of March 2020). By combining a variety of research backgrounds with the experience of the museum staff, we are confident this activity will become a fun and educational experience for all attendees. We hope to convey both excitement of evolutionary research and the approachability of scientists.

Through various games and activities, we will introduce key aspects about modern science to museum attendees and facilitate one-on-one interactions. We are preparing interactive stations aimed at children, which means they will be enjoyable for everyone! The different stations will be combined under an overarching exploration trip inspired by the famous voyage made by Darwin on the ship ‘HMS Beagle’. The observations that Charles Darwin made during that trip were the basis for developing his views on evolution.

This event was first created thanks to a generous contribution from the Outreach Fund of the European Society for Evolutionary Biology. It continues to be possible thanks to our enthusiastic volunteers, a great collaboration with the Natural History Museum in Stockholm and financial support from the Department of Cell and Molecular Biology, Uppsala University.

This is the plan from 2019 and we will soon update it with the map and station description for 2020. Stay tuned!