Love Evolution!



Darwin Day (Feb 12th) is an international celebration of the famous biologist Charles Darwin, and it provides an excellent opportunity for the popularisation of evolutionary biology and science as a whole. On Darwin Day 2018 we, a group of young researchers from Swedish universities, will join the Natural History Museum (Naturhistoriska riksmuseet) in Stockholm to present current topics on evolutionary research to museum attendees and facilitate one-to-one interactions through games and activities that introduce two key aspects about modern scientists: who they are and what topics they find interesting.

We are preparing interactive stations where children aged 7-13 and their families will learn general aspects of major topics in evolutionary biology research. The different stations will be combined under an overarching exploration trip simulating the famous HMS Beagle voyage. The event will take place on the weekend before Darwin Day (10-11th February 2018), and by combining a variety of research backgrounds with the experience of the museum staff, we are confident this activity will become a fun and educational experience for all attendees, and convey both excitement of evolutionary research and the approachability of scientists.

This event is made possible by the enthusiastic work of ca. 60 young researchers, a great collaboration with the Natural History Museum in Stockholm, and a generous contribution from the Outreach Fund of the European Society for Evolutionary Biology.