About us

The beginning

In early February 2017, a group of Uppsala University Molecular Evolution PhD students and postdocs were having fika and debating the upcoming (and largely forgotten) Darwin Day.  Gäelle Bisch had made everyone amazing Evolution themed biscuits, and an idea grew.  An idea for an amazing Darwin Day celebration in 2018, a celebration of science and an excuse to talk about Evolution to as many people as physically possible.

A few weeks later, three researchers submitted an outreach grant to ESEB (the European Society for Evolutionary Biology) to put on a large museum-based activity next Feb in Stockholm, Sweden.  The grant was accepted and the event was on.

After a successful first edition, the event is organised again in 2019 and hosted again in the Natural History Museum. This year, researches from both Uppsala and Stockholm have decided to work together to organize activities and the event.

The organisers:

Daniel Tamarit – A postdoc in Thijs Ettema’s lab who uses genomic analyses to study deep evolutionary events.  His PhD was also at Uppsala University, on symbiosis.

Jennah Dharamshi – A PhD student in Thijs Ettema’s lab who uses metagenomics to explore microbial dark matter.

Eleanor Heyworth – A postdoc in Lisa Klasson’s lab, who uses the Drosophila – Wolbachia  symbiotic system to explore host-microbe interactions.

Louise Tenn – Louise is our museum contact – instrumental in setting up the event, liaising with the museum webmasters, graphic designers, other outreach teams and researchers.

Extra thanks:

This event would not have been possible without help, advice and input from a lot of sources.

Primarily, the 60+ researchers that formed teams designing and manning the stations, who are listed on other pages!

Extra thanks to:

The website designers Eva Fernández Cáceres, Fan Han, and Fede Berckx.

Karl Dyrhage and Emil Hägglund for translating and checking Swedish translations.

Anders Lind, Lisa Klasson, Disa Bäckström and Erik Pelve for their participation in the videos.

Thanks to Eva Garmendia and Andrea García for photography.

Department of Cell and Molecular Biology (ICM), at Uppsala University for sponsoring of the event.

Also a big thanks to the extended team at the museum and at Uppsala for your help and support!