Fossil tracks


What can get preserved for millions of years? Bones, skeletons, … what more? Footprints! And even fossilized poo (that we call coprolites). Which track matches which animal? See if you can put the pairs together… and find out how the dinosaurs walked! Try out the trackways. Do you see the differences?


Swedish summary:

Vad kan bevaras i miljontals år? Ben, skelett … vad mer? Fotspår! Till och med bajs kan bli till fossil. Koproliter är ett finare ord för fossilerat bajs.

Vilket djur har lämnat vilket fotspår? Försök para ihop rätt djur med rätt spår. Gå i dinosauriernas fotspår och upptäck hur de gick. Vad ser du för skillnader mellan spåren?



We would like to show what can get preserved apart from skeleton and bones, and what can we learn from fossilized footprints and coprolites. We will link this to contemporary animals and footprints one can find on the snow or at the beach. Did you know that tracks can become a fossil? If you are wondering how dinosaur poo looked like come and visit.


The activity


  1. Coprolites – how do they get preserved? what do we learn from them? Schematic of how bones and tracks/coprolites can get preserved.
  2. Footprints – how do tracks get preserved? What do we learn from tracks and trackways: how did the foot look like and how animal moved. Explain how dinosaurs walked in 3 different ways (check out on the floor). How does human and ape foot and movement differ (check out on the floor?) A few photos of famous tracks with description: Laetoli? hunting meat-eater on a herd of plant-eaters? What is available to be seen in Sweden?

Collect at the table: different coprolites, tracks, books about different shape animal poo, books about footprint of contemporary animals

Trackways of 3 types of dinosaurs on a big paper sheet attached to the floor, (realistic or kid-size? where to fit this?) showing different ways they were moving: zauropods (like walking on stilts), T-rex (walking like a model on toes and in a line), ornithischia (like a duck with ‘twisted’ leg)



Katarzyna Zaremba-Niedzwiedzka
Grzegorz Niedzwiedzki
Jun-Hoe Lee
Jonathan Lombard
Sara Yukiko Cerenius