What are antibiotics? How can bacteria be resistant to them? Can this resistance be a problem? Can we do something about this problem? In this station, answers to these questions and many more will take you through a fun journey where you will learn about microbes, ways to fight them when needed and how evolution plays a role in the global problem of antibiotic resistance. Come and learn about microbes with us!


Swedish summary:

Vad är antibiotika? Hur kan bakterier bli resistenta mot dem? Kan denna resistens bli ett problem? Kan vi göra något åt problemet? Vid den här stationen kommer svaren på dessa frågor och många fler att ta er på en spännande resa där ni kommer lära er om mikrober, olika sätt vi kan bekämpa dem på när det behövs samt vilken roll evolution spelar i samhällets kamp mot antibiotikaresistens. Kom och lär er mer om mikrober med oss!


The activity

Workshop and station about the uprising global problem of antibiotic resistance and basic microbiology. This workshop intends to introduce the visitors to basic knowledge of what bacteria are and come from, how bacteria can make us sick, what do we use to treat this sickness (antibiotics) and why and what happens when bacteria become resistant to antibiotics.

The workshop will consist of two main parts

  1. Main concepts and overview: Here the visitors will learn the main concepts through short explanations and a question/answer game. Visual aids like posters and petri dishes containing cultured bacteria will teach what bacteria are, where do they come from, how do they grow, what compounds kill them, what antibiotics are, why antibiotics are important, etc.
  2. Antibiotic Resistance Game: here, the visitors will play a dice game that is based on the concepts of bacterial growth and resistance to antibiotics and the compliance of the treated “patient” (good patient that takes the whole course of antibiotics vs bad patient that stops taking them before course is over). This game aims to outline what happens when there is a mixed population of sensitive and resistant bacteria causing an infection and the antibiotic treatment, where they see that resistant bacteria accumulate and take over the infection often if the patient does not comply with the treatment, whereas when the course of antibiotics is followed till the end most of the time the infection is cleared up. This game aims to explain the evolution behind the accumulation of antibiotic resistant bacteria.

Additionally, at the station the visitors will find a projector/screen showing videos about antibiotic resistance and an iPad/tablet where they can play an online game about the subject.



Resources of interest