Misconceptions in Evolution

Come and discover with us some hidden secrets of evolution mechanisms. You might be surprised on how many common belief in evolution do not actually hold true. Did you think the strongest always survive? That evolution tends to the best? That dinosaurs are extinct? Think again!
Evolution is not easy, linear or perfect, but it is fun!


Swedish summary:

Kom och upptäck några av evolutionens dolda hemligheter. Du kanske blir förvånad över hur många vanliga övertygelser om evolutionen som faktiskt inte stämmer. Trodde du att den starkaste alltid överlever? Att evolutionen rör sig mot det bästa möjliga? Att dinosaurierna är utdöda? Tänk om! Evolutionen är inte alltid så lätt, linjär eller perfekt, men den är kul att lära sig om!



There are a lot of false myths about evolution. Are you ready to challenge your knowledge and learn something more? Come to see us and discover which are the most commonly misunderstood concepts in Evolutionary Biology and have some fun debunking them!


The activity

We will have two separate activities, targeted to talk about different rooted misunderstandings about evolution.

One one hand we will try to explain that “survival of the fittest” can mean many things, and there are a variety of conditions and mechanisms that determine the success of a species. Playing on a lego-built landscape we will show how the main color of the birds’ population (rappresented by legos as well) can be changed by a series of events. We will this way talk about mutations, genetic drift, gene flow and natural selections.

On the other hand we will have a detective game for the youngest (or, really, or the dinosaur enthusiasts). The kids will try to discover who, among a group of animal “suspects” is the closer living relative of dinosaurs. We will show the kids the “clues” necessary to nail the correct suspect (pictures of fingerprints, eggs and feathers) that, compared with the fossil evidence will lead to the exciting discovery that yes, we see dinosaurs every day!